Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Even More Terrain

I can see that I have done a lot of terrain lately. No of it is actually finished but is just about in one piece. I am putting it off because it means mucking about with PVA sand and paint which could take a little while. When I get down to it, it will all get rattled through pretty quickly.

So I have decided that I needed some walls and other barriers to go with the buildings. With some offcuts of foam core I have done some low walls. I have already done some taller walls but these must be hiding in the garage. I got 100 wooden skewers for a pound which I figured I could use to building some fence and prop up the chain link and even some billboards and hoardings. Then I found some off cuts of plastic brick wall sheets which I though I would glue together to see how they worked. Look okay at the moment but we will see. Still a lot of work needed to finish them off.


  1. That looks pretty decent mate!

    The fences are my fave.

  2. Cheers M'Lord. I put a lot of effort into my 28mm zombies back in the day. O keep turning a box with some in every now and again.