Sunday, 3 June 2012

Copplestone Zombies

My honour has been impugned. Twice. In a matter of days. During the Thames Pageant on Sunday one of my mates was calling my zombie purest roots. I do like zombies. As the 15mm stuff and the terrain are still a bit away down the queue I thought I would drag out some not 15mm stuff to justify myself. I have a fair few but haven't had much excuse to use them recently so most are still in boxes. But I did find some Copplestone Zombies to put on display.

Being a big George A Romero fan I decided early on to make the zombie looks as much like George's as I could. I don't think they came out to bad. I think I could do better now.

I have seen a few too many long dead bodies over the years and think that a slightly browner colour would be more realistic. Something more like a baked potato (with wriggling cheese don't ask but I think twice about eating a baked potato with cheese even  today).

 I think I might get a few fresher zombies with slightly more normal skin tones. These are probably all going to be in 15mm though.

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