Monday, 8 January 2018

Starting As I Mean (Well Hope) To Go On

It was about time I started doing some painting. There is now plenty of stuff that needs to be painted that is mostly prepped already and just about ready to go. As part of my new way of doing things, I thought.
Vetis Bane, A Necromancer - In various states of life
So I had been thinking about how to do the Necromancer for my Viking game. This villain, called Vetis Bane needed a suitable figure which I talked about here. Having created 3 versions of the same character is various stages of decay. Although the clothing is not 100% what I wanted, it is pretty close.

The first aspect of this was going to be depth of colour. I wanted the most decomposed figure to be paler and look more worn out. There are various ways of doing this but I wanted to use inks. For the living character, it got avery heavy wash, with three seperate coats whilst the skeletal figure looks like his clothes have been on the boil for weeks.

This is still pretty much WIP and there is a lot of work remaining

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