Thursday, 4 January 2018

Gearing Up For A New X-Com

I have been talking about running an X-Com game (which has become ET-Com for Extra-Terrestrial Command) for a couple of decades now. That's a fairly long run in time. So having gone over my plans for the year, X-Com is coming to be a big part of it. Now that I have a coherent idea about bad guys, thanks to Chronicle-X things can progress a bit. Obviously with it being a Kickstarter, the figures are going to take some time to arrive. However if I can work it so that everything other than the figures is ready, a few months of painting should leave me in a position where I can start a game this time next year.

The Chronicle-X package has a whole load of different aliens. The first step for this game is going to be a bestiary. There looks to me to be at least fifteen different aliens in the game and maybe a few more. As I have already acquired some figures for this game, the intention is to use what I have already. I also want some zombies. So even without any significant variations, that's about 20 different stat blocks and descriptions.

One of the things this game does not seem to handle is ship to ship combat. There is enough in the Savage Worlds rules to do most of the things I want to do in my game. There will no doubt be a few changes and some more stat blocks for the vehicles and weapons.

I have already worked on weapons for the system here, but need to work on the weapons for the aliens. I might be able to get some casts of the alien weapons. I want to do this because I want the human soldiers to be able to use alien weapons. It would be good if the company was going to do some weapon sprues but I doubt it so copies will have to do.

Whilst I love the original game, it is the updated version of X-Com that I think I am going to use as my main guide. As I am using the Savage Worlds rules, this should not be to difficult. What I want is a series of new edges that reflect the computer games. This should not be a big issue.

All of this should be fairly easy to come up with. The bulk of what I need to do is going to be background. I have to come up with details of the organisation, the alien's plan and research. This is probably going to take as much time as the rest of the paperwork put together.

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