Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Chaos Cultists Looking Less Chaotic

Still on the subject of Games Workshop Chaos Cultists, they are a little closer to completion today and there are a few more in the way. A sense of of an overall colour scheme is starting to come together and, although there is still work to do, they are beginning to look like what I was hoping for.
More GW Chaos Cultists
I have been thinking about making them look a little more like something that will fit into the X-Com game. Some of the figures have military style uniforms. Although I wanted basically a desert look for them, all brown is going to look somewhat dull. So a bit of green and blue will be thrown into the mix.

I have another eight of them in various stages of completion and these are what I would like to finish next week. One of them has a missing weapon and the hands to hold it. This will be a bit of a cobble but at least it will be different. Given the weather, I am not sure when I am going to get them primed.

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