Sunday, 14 January 2018

It's That End Of The Week Time Again

Well I have finished all the figures I have started this week. Only three of them so The New Cruelty id not happy. Still it was three more than last week. This is the necromancer for my Viking Game
I might have to take a better picture to show off some of the details
The general idea was to make them look similar but different. The slightly decomposed version has had a dry-brushing with the same color as the skin to give is a fairly unhealthy tone. Similarly the skeletal version has had a dry-brushing with a bone colour. The bases have gone through a similar process.

Next week's five figures are going to be some GW chaos cultists. Not that I have any use for them as 40k cultists. These are likely to be used as part of the Titansgrave, X-Com and possibly post apocalyptic games like Fallout. I am pretty confident that the five will get finished and I am tempted to do another two just to get my totals up to ten so at least I will have hit the target twice.

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