Monday, 29 January 2018

Change Of Plan

The plan yesterday was to finish off what was left of the chaos cultists, I finished prepping them for priming them today. It appears to be a day where the British weather is going to ruin any plans I have (no plan survives contact with the British weather). It just seems to want to rain today.

So I have moved on to plan B. I have plenty of figures that are prepped and primed and ready to go. I made a conscious decision to work with one of the project I want to work on this year. There is a mass of lizardmen to do but they don't really fit in with the plan. So I guess the first but of the year I am going to try and concentrate on either fairly generic figures that can be used in a number of backgrounds. I have had some Macrocosm Dwarves that are ready to go. So this is the new project. These will do for Titansgrave and Shadowrun.
This new plan involves painting ten of these dwarves. If I get this done I will be slightly behind the curve with 23 figures done rather than 25. So the plan for the eight cultists has been pushed back till next week with some old Grenadier Miniatures (now Mirliton) Troopers and lizardmen to follow.

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