Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Ridden Hard And Put Away Wet

28mm miniature painting is still a priority but maybe a little less so at the moment. My current exercise regime has seen me walk about six miles in the rain today. The phrase ridden hard and put away wet is not all that far from the truth. Still the exercise regime is having great results.
I've done a little bit more painting today in between all the other stuff that is going on. Not a huge amount of progress but I am heading in the right direction. I can see me doing some more work tomorrow with a good chunk of time available on Saturday and Sunday so I am hopeful that things are going to get done. I have glued a few more of the next batch together which is nearly all I need to do this week. Hopefully the weather will relent long enough for me to get them primed.

Hopefully playing a board game on Friday in Chester. The last time I was in Chester with this friend was a very good night out although I am hoping that this will have a more entertaining outcome.

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