Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Chaos Cultists Or Just Another Set Of Generic Bads Guys

Yesterday was not been a bad day as far as figure painting. There has been some actual painting. I started out with five figures which has turned into ten. The plan is still to get five done this week but hopefully I will get close to having the other five complete.
These figures look pretty good on the screen when you see them. Up front they are a little harder to paint. They would be better if they were a bit more generic something along the lines of what you get with the Imperial Guard.

Having done a lot of work with inks in the last few weeks I have gone back to something more conventional. The flesh has a little bit of a sickly green mixed in. This was deliberately not mixed very well to give the skin a slightly blotchy look which seems consistent with what these figures are about. If I manage to get a wiggle on I will give some of the figures camouflage  schemes especially on the legs.

The plan is that these figures are all going to look vaguely like they are in desert gear, with a few exceptions in the colour palette to make them more interesting. My view is that this will work with the ideas I have for their use. My ideas for Titansgrave make me think the world is mostly desert. My post apocalyptic worlds are fairly dusty and definitely not green. The only place where they might be out of play is X-Com but this probably isn't going to be such a big issue.

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