Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Dwarves In Spaccccceeee

So it's the dwarves again. I keep wandering off. There are now about half a dozen background projects that are floating around the desk which are soaking up any paint that would otherwise get wasted. A bit or priming here and a bit of tidying up there and that has just about been my day. Not including the tax return and having to do just about everything other than cooking lunch as my other half has done her back in despite having done a deal about jobs today.

Even so I have managed to get some painting done. The first coat on the dwarves is almost done and even a little bit of inking and basing is complete. With a bit of luck I will be able to finish them off and ink them tomorrow and may get them close to being finished. This would leave me just behind the curve on what I wanted to do as part of The New Cruelty, 23 figures instead of 25. If I do get them finished then I'll move onto the remaining Cultists/Raiders which would leave me slightly ahead.
In terms of the background projects and what I have planned there are a few ways I can go. Overall I would like to get a couple of projects pretty close to finished this year. These dwarf figures are part of the Titansgrave: Ashes Of Valkana project and they is a way to goes with the project yet. There are still some gaps in terms of figures I just don't have (and may have a problem sourcing) and some stuff yet to be painted. This is probably going to take up a bit of time in the next few months. X-Com is another project I want to do this year. Although I have some stuff for the project already, most of what I want isn't going to be available until September. There is also a fair amount of sci-fi/post-apocalypse crossover with the figures for all of the stuff I have planned so I guess this is what will happen in the near future.


  1. Multiple multiple half finished projects on the paint desk are my weakness as well. It's definitely a challenge to have blog material to post when you go from having nothing for too long to having a raft of finished stuff. Boo.

    1. I should really spend a week just finishing off bits and pieces. I have the odd figure that takes over a year to finish. That said I kind of like having a quick change or project sometimes.

      I am not a completer finisher according to the last assessment of my managerial style.