Sunday, 21 January 2018

End Of The Week

Whilst the miniatures painting has gone well this week, it does feel like a good news, bad news kind of week. I have had a good night of gaming on Friday that I really enjoyed. I have lost half a stone in a week pretty much just from walking (admittedly 55 miles of walking) so I am feeling pretty good about that.

There are a few things that have been driving me up the wall all week and I don't seem to be able to do anything about any of them. Then my auntie has died in particularly tragic circumstances. Something like that changes your perspective on what is going on around you. Suddenly I am not thinking about me or what is going on around me. I am not really even thinking about her. My thoughts have all been with my cousins and how they are going to cope with the loss of their mum.

So as far as The New Cruelty goes it has been a good week. I might go as far as saying that I have pretty much kept to the code this week. Whilst I haven't finished five figures I am really close to finishing ten instead. At the beginning of the week the plan was to finish the remaining eight in the week to come.

Next week is looking like a good time to suspend TNC. My auntie lives in Spain so the funeral is going to be over there. Due to this it looks like I am out of the country from Monday to Friday.  This will give me a bit of time at the weekend but I doubt that I will get the figures done.

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