Thursday, 2 March 2017

I Hear YouTube Likes Forced Positivity

If YouTube really likes forced positivity then I think I will stick to blogging. Today is not a day that I would have been able to stay positive about. I was about to say no matter how hard I tried but that would be inaccurate. I have had another run in with the NHS today. My GP practice has made a number of mistakes not least of which was cancelling an appointment for my mum and not telling me that it was cancelled until I got there. Then cocking up a form which I only realised when someone made an off the cuff remark just as I was walking out. If I could find another GP, I would but for the time being I am stuck with them.

Then just after it got dark my other half told me I needded to pick up this awkward 40kg weight and bring inside over uneven ground. This was complication by a lot of bruised muscles and a dog that does not seem to know when to get out of the way. I have spent most of the evening on the floor trying to ease it a little. All she currently seems interested in is that I don't think it's her fault. Now that I have knocked back a load of painkillers I feel no better and slightly grumpier I can say, with a degree of certainty, positivity  is not for me.

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