Friday, 3 March 2017

Building Site Scatter Terrain

I seem to remember in the X-Com game, one of the best missions took place around the site of some foundations giving a nice multi level feel to it. There was also a few other building sites like missions including one on top of a skyscraper. So I am hoping for a two (or three or four) for one out of this.

I already have barrels, pallet stacks, foam board, wooden planks, large concrete pipes and some piles of plywood in the works. Brick stacks, smaller pipe stacks, covered packages, a portacabin, cement mixer truck, some regular crates, skips, portaloo and maybe some earth moving machinery would be nice. Throw in a few walls, some cars and the odd tree and I should have plenty of scatter terrain for this site.

I have also been working on some trees. These are very simple and meant to evoke trees and still make a playing surface easy to use.

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