Friday, 10 March 2017

Ever Sustaining Circles - X-Com And Vikings - The "Not" Skyrim Game

Going around in circles again today. Not as bad as it sounds because I  have done some stuff today. There has been no way I was getting anywhere near the work bench during the day and in the evening I have just been too tired. So I have had an evening in front of the lap top. I have done a little work on the X-Com game but again most of what I have done today has been on the Viking game. I am trying to create something that has the Epic feel of the Skyrim computer game. A strong mythology of it's own and weather you can feel.

I did a set of trading rules for the game not long after I started. Due to an inbuilt ufpcuk with Open Office, I lost it all just after finishing it. As I basically cobbled it from basic old school Traveller it has not been too hard to reassemble but I did put a lot of work into the flavour side of things which is taking it's time to recompile.
I have also worked on redoing the cover. The original had a picture of Travis Fimmel as Ragnar in Vikings. I thought this was a little too much of a rip off so I thought I was do something different. As part of what could be called the second edition, I converted the document into landscape format so I really need a new picture. This is it. What do you think?

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