Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Swarming All Over The Tabletop and #Pet Shaming

Although I should have done more with the day I had the urge to play Fallout 4. I have all but finished Far Harbor and I am enjoying running down the last parts of the adventure. There have been the usual distractions and my other half is ill so there has been more to do about the house.

I did a bit of touching up on the beetles. I now need to get round to washing the base and then dry-brushing the base and the beetles. My hope is to get that done tomorrow. With a bit of luck I am hoping to get something of a paint job done on the beetles and then add a bit of variation to the base. The next move will be to sort the spider swarm out. I am a lot less struck on these miniatures. The other obvious bases are rats and bats but I still can't find any of these in the U.K.

Tomorrow is also looking like a busy day. I have to take my mum to see the nurses and work might actually rear it's ugly head on me as well as all the usual day to day stuff to contend with.
The dog was fun today as she has managed to get herself stuck. I have a three year old Hungarian Viszla called Leelu. A beautiful dog but not the sharpest tool in the box (more of a mallet in fact). When I was asked what take away I fancied last week, I said Hungarian. This fell on especially stony ground. She has taken a liking to the cat's food in preference to her own food. This is the fifth time she has managed to eat the cat food in two days and the second time she has gotten stuck there. I am not sure how she got stuck as there was an easy way out the back. She has a similar problem getting past doors that are slightly ajar. that is one other thing to do tommorrow as we are now out of cat food.

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