Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Keep It Brief - X-Com And The Cybderdisk

I suppose today is all about little steps. I have felt lousy today. I think (hope) the pain from the lactic acid build up and unexpected exercise from Sunday has reached it's peak. The last time my legs were this painful was when I broke my leg and didn't realise it.
 One thing of note has happened today. I think I have found the model for a cyberdisk for the X-Com Game. What I want is the look of the cyberdisk from the original game but the new game's cyber disk, before it transforms wasn't too bad either. This model will be neither but then none of the other stuff is perfect either. No point being a perfectionist and it is close enough to what I want.
It is actually a £1 eraser from Wilkos in a snazzy plastic cover. So Not quite a Pound Shop find but close enough. I might make a couple of trims to see if I can smooth it out the front end. It might even look better than the original. I also thought of using it as a template for the UFO but I think I will stick with paper templates for them.

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