Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Another Busy One - Every Day In The Post Apocalyptic World

I have spent most of the day typing and doing stuff around the house. Typing was easy. I am working on some post apocalyptic stuff and, as the post apocalyptic world much more appealing, I will stick with that world.

I watched something about dust storms on the TV the other day. This set me on the road of doing some post apocalyptic environmental effects. A lot of them would be quite portable to other backgrounds. I did a little bit of work for the bestiary. This is the thing with doing design work, everything is interconnect. If you do one bit on something, it begs some work on something else. So the page count gets bigger and bigger. I am quite proud of the work I have done on that and I might put a couple of samples up of the work.

I have eventually got round to doing a bit of painting. Once I had cleaned up my work bench and played about with some greenstuff copying bits of an old paranoia robot which I am going to use in a trash heap, I had time to paint a conjouring table and use some of the left over paint to put some colour on an Imperial Guard/X-Com medic.

Again this has not been my greatest day but I have made some progress. Who needs therapy when you have a blog to write

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