Monday, 20 March 2017

Swarm Bases For Savage Worlds And D&D

Swarm bases have been on my mind for a while, mainly for Savage Worlds and although I don't really play D&D it would be nice to cover as many possibilities as possible. Swarms are one monster types that you don't see a lot as models. It's not that there aren't figures out there it's just that people don't seem to buy them and use them. Despite this being a really busy day and my other half being Ill, I managed to make some progress.
 I have a number of possibilities in mind but I thought I would start out and see what happens. The first attempt is what I see as the easiest. i was worried that there were going to be gaps texturing and gaps there are. I will see how this ends up. Bases for swarms in Savage Worlds are supposed to be four inches but I had a lot of difficulty finding four inch bases so I found some 100mm bases. If there are gaps when I am getting a bit closer to the finished product some more texturing could go around  the rim and not really cause a problem, In Savage Worlds bigger bases can split up into smaller ones of 2" which is close enough to 50mm for me.
I have avoided putting any significant bits on the bases. The aim was to make these bases as generic as possible. Whilst mainly a fantasy thing, swarms also have a place in post-apocalyptic games (go an watch Damnation Alley I am pretty sure the creators of Fallout did). The two styles have different trappings so I'll just dispense with them.

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