Thursday, 16 March 2017

More Titansgrave RPG Miniatures

Well the title should be More Titansgrave RPG Orcs it's more orcs really but I have put up enough posts with the word "Orcs" in the title already this year. So I can safely say I have my focus back. Having put four of them together yesterday I wanted to finish gluing up the rest of them off today.
Unlike the way they are intended, these figures need to show a lot of variety of poses and gear. These are figures for role playing not wargaming so there is no unity integrity. The box set is geared up to make a unit of ten but you can actually get eleven figures out of the box. I need about eighteen to twenty figures to cover most of the bases for each race, ten female and ten male. There are only three character classes in the game but those classes cover a wide range of figures. Whilst twenty ish figures is nice (I have more than twenty eight magic users for instances and I would have more clerics and thieves if I could find stuff appropriate to the dark ages), more would be nice. I plan things in terms of trays of 28 figures so that was the number I want to aim for for most of the races. Lizardmen have two genders but they look the same in my mind although I could use slightly bigger temple guard figures as male rather than as wild saurus. Humans are easy, dwarves are a bit harder and elves, well I might just get rid of elves altogether for lack of figures.
The plan involves a bit more work being done. There are always a few games that need filling in and I will put a bit more equipment on the figures. This will give them even more variety. An emphasis on variation in the paint job on the skin and the clothing should push this even further. A variation in skin tone, if only a slightly different green, seems appropriate.

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