Monday, 13 March 2017

Just Can't Shake It

As it were...

I have had health problem after health problem over the last month or so. I am now utterly worn down. It is as if all the joy has been taken out of my life and the blog is what I have to keep me going. I am not sure all of this is down to being a bit run down from the flu or just part of  a growing sense of frustration I am feeling.

Oddly, my blog has never done so well. Maybe there is something to this posting everyday thing. I think I have gone over 300,00 hits today. Oddly I only posted once in the month I hit 200,000 posts. That took more than four years to get there. Now that I am posting so frequently I have got to 300,000 in a matter of months.

600 posts and 400,000 hits are now in my sights. If all continues as is this could be a close as three months away. My will to keep it all going is still strong. Content might be a little light however still someone is reading. It might be a bunch of Russian hackers or Trump supporters but they are there.

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