Sunday, 12 March 2017


I like board games. This is because I usually manage to do okay. Games for me have a definite curve. The first time I play a game I usually do okay. More often than not I will win and I can pretty much guarantee being second. My friends are competitive. Some can be very competitive. Some of my acquaintances are much more frequent players of games and they tend to give me a much greater run for my money. Anyway, by the second time we play, people have usually managed to come up with a better strategy.

Tonight I have never quite been on the money. I have managed to come first or second in every game it's true. That said there were only two of us.  I lost more than I won. Now this is the problem with a lot of board games. Skill is important but luck does play a big part. Chess really is a game of skill. There is no random involved. Dice are seen as a good way to act as randomiser but this is just random and random is as random does. These games involve card pulls and if you don't get the right cards then you don't get a chance at winning.

I prefer games where the actual random element is as minimal as possible. games should have some sort of sequence, nothing written in stone as you need people to be able to play an angle. games where a stratergy can be played out and contrasted with others. Nothing too mathematical because that leads to a lot of book keeping which tends to detract from the overall all enjoyment of the game. A good game should feel more  like gladatorial combat.

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