Thursday, 7 March 2019

Early One Morning - End Of The Week, Well Almost

I work up early this morning and have been painting RPG and wargames miniatures since well before dawn. Getting up that early is unusual for me, let alone getting anything done. In terms of painting minis this is getting on for the most productive period of my life. If I could keep this rate up I could have a thousand figures done by the end of the year. Roughly the same output for the last three years. I think even my lead mountain would have run out by then.
Almost there
In terms of output, total number of figures and terrain, this is going to be a new record week. I have a little detailing on the skin to do on the Home Guard, do a highlight on the weapons and I need to paint a cigarette on one of them. Then they will be done. The cultists need much the same but there is much less of that to do.  here are a few "more characterful" figures to do but they are mostly done.

I guess I have picked easy figures to paint this week although I hadn't figured on them being this easy. Now I am wondering what to do next. There appears to be no immediate chance of me getting any priming done because of the weather. Too cold or too wet for a while at least.

So far this week I have already done some scenery for my Monday night game and I have worked on some smaller pieces of scenery as the background project


  1. An astonishing amount of painted models and at such good quality.
    I'm happy to be able to paint three or four models a week.
    Awesome work!

    1. Whilst I like the praise, I am not sure that I am that good. It was nice to feel good about what I do for a minute, even if I am my worst critic.

    2. They look great in the picture, perhaps you're too modest :).
      I'm almost never satisfied with what I've painted either, but at a certain moment you have to put it aside and call it ready. So I can relate and I guess it's that way for many hobbyists who not only like to play, but make their models look good too.

    3. Apparently that makes us artists. Who knew.