Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Where Is My Mind?

Today has been painting party time. I have done more painting today than I have done on any two other days for weeks.  Even so, nothing is really finished but it is a lot closer to being finished than I was hoping. At this rate I should bypass my target for the week.
More than that, I have managed to crack on with prepping figures. Another dozen have been primed and more than a dozen have been based, along with some horses. Now I am working on filling a second tray of stuff based, primed and ready to go.

I have finished off the fish / piranha swarm base, this has then been given a coat of brown primer. I need to paint the fish and the plan is to cover it with some water effects. This base has taken a lot of time. All the fish have been made of green stuff, which although I have used a mould, it has taken an absolute age. If I can get the batch of five done, this will probably be the next one on the bench.

As is my usual way, extra paint gets put on whatever is on the bench. There are another ten fantasy figures in the queue. Whilst none are near complete, there has been a fair bit of work done on them so the catch up process (with not painting last week and being off next week) should not be too painful.

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