Monday, 28 August 2017

The Internet, What is It Good For?

Today has been a bit of a novelty. It has been twenty four hours without the internet. I have been tracking back to when the last time I was without the internet for twenty four, in some shape or form. It is so long ago that I just can’t remember it. Somewhere along the line, through my phone, the TV or a console, it has been there. The best I can get is when I moved a few years ago and I didn’t have internet for a week but even then I probably used my phone. That must be ten years ago. On the day before I guess I could measure my access in a hand full pf minutes and the same before that.

This wasn’t a choice. The wifi here is causing problems with my lap top and my phone has been out of charge. If it wasn’t for the blog, I probably wouldn’t have risked going back online either. Still the day has passed.

So there has been no sense of withdrawal. It’s been a busy-ish day but not so busy that I shouldn’t have missed it. It’s interfering with my gaming online but I haven’t really been in to that either. When I started thinking about this I realised that I don’t exactly do a lot online. I search out figures. I look at web sites that deal with figures. I use it to find out the answer to a question usally involving IMBD or Wikipedia. So what is it actually good for?

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