Saturday, 26 August 2017

Fog And Flares

So I am in Wales. It was a hard drive and the calorie count has gone up, a lot. It is a pretty place. Lots of stars that I never get to see and even a couple of shooting stars which could be seen just above the sea mist. Looking up at the stars lead me and my other half to see a series of four red flares going off. Red flares mean something bad is going on and as it appeared to be coming from the direction of the sea, we phoned the coast guard.

No painting today but I have had a few ideas for games that I am working on. Some sillier than others. The Underground game really started as a post apocalypse bertisary. I have tried to keep things a little more real and a little less Gamma World. The idea I came up with was a radger, a g;owing blue badger found in some parts of London. This was not going to be a big beast of a monster more something that inhabits the city and provides some local colour (irradiated blue). This is just about too crazy for my game.

I have been working on another myth for the Viking game. This one centres around dark elves oddly enough. If I am going to do some figures I thought I'd better give them an origin story.

Now I am in trouble. My other half has forgotten her facial wipes but does has some toilet wipes. When she asked me if I thought it would be okay is she used the them on her face I said, in her case I didn't think it would be a problem. Oddly this did not go down well. Can't understand why....

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