Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Looking For A Direction

It has been another twenty four hours without the net.  I have had to use a different PC to get on line at all. My PC has crashed five times over the course of ten minutes and would have crashed more often if I could have logged on quicker.

Not having access to the net is kind of limiting my options. Having done  a quick tour of some small it reminds me how much I miss home. It's pretty here but the roads are kack, everything is expensive and there really is nothing to do.

Anyway, this is a gaming blog not a travel blog.

Most of my gaming stuff is on the wifi accessible disk at home, so I have a limited amount of stuff available to me here. This has concentrated my mind on what I am doing. Trouble is I want to be painting not typing. Now I have written a lot of lists. This is mainly of figures. What I have, what I want, project requirements and a log of where I am up to.

This means looking for gaps. Hopefully some of these gaps can have multiple uses. This tends to send things towards the front of the queue. It is fairly hard to do when you don't have access to the net.

Intermittently I have been looking at running a Titansgrave : The Ashes of Valkana game. This would use some fantasy figures and some scifi figures. I have a lot of old GW 40k stuff from the rogue trader era. This was going to define the aesthetic. From here I have looked images for Dark heresy miniatures. People who run the game seem to have some very nice figures. This appeals to me as I could use it for this game, other scifi, including For All Mankind and maybe even for Dark Heresy.

My primary interest is fantasy but I find that a lot of the figures I have could be easily converted over to SF, I have done a fair bit of stuff from Frostgrave. I have a box of plastic Gnolls to use. I have been planning to convert some to SF. I have been looking at stuff for the fantasy game and I have a few ideas for the cultists box set. So far I have one solid idea but I have been looking for something cultist like for years before they came out. Thing is I am just not running that kind of game at the moment/

So I have looked at all the games I have been running but I am struggling to stick with one idea again. Now I am looking at what I can do here but a lot of stuff is missing so I don't want to go over the same ground twice. There are a dozen figures on the bench that need finishing off then there are the black elves. Now that I have written an origin story for them I have an even clearer idea about how I want to paint them. So really I should just be sticking with that.

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