Thursday, 10 August 2017

Good Service At Games Workshop, Warrington

To be honest I am not Games Workshop's biggest fan. On the pages of this Blog you will see that the only GW game I play is Blood Bowl and over the years this has been a small part of my actual game time. Whilst they have been kind enough to reboot it they are not exactly supporting it in the stores. There are a number of GW products I use it is only the paints that I really like.

Over time I have found their staff so pushy and obsequious as to be off putting even going in their stores. None of them seem interested in what you what but what you can buy. as a gamer with a broad range of interests, I find they lack an understanding of what gamers outside their immediate sphere of interest is and therefore can't help me with much of anything. The bottom line being that when I do go into one of their shops the plan is more like a snatch and grab rather than a shopping trip. All this has the upshot that I would sooner buy stuff from third party vendors or second hand on eBay.

The regular staff member left a little while back and was replaced by Tommy. He actually made me want to buy things and the first member of staff there that I have actually engaged in conversation with in two decades. He is brilliant with the customers, even the ones that would annoy some members of staff. Whilst I am personally not that interested in a lot of what he is selling, he clearly knows he stuff about their product.

Sadly Tommy is not even a permanent member of staff. He sounds like he is some sort of temp. If Games Workshop want some more of my money, they should give Tommy a permanent job.

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