Monday, 21 August 2017

Where Did That Day Go?

A strange morning. For various reasons I can't really say much about it, but it was made more interesting by knowing Matthew. Then the day kicked into full gear and the next thing I know I am sitting down at the bench just before six. It's almost like being back in the real world again. GOT and dinner got in the way but I got back to the bench a few hours before bed.

I have managed to do a huge amount of stuff last week, by my standards at least. All that and I still didn't paint anything so I need to put that right. I was going to work on the Dark Elves but as I have put some effort into some of the bases, I wanted to finish them off but I am going to need more greenstuff. There seems little chance of that happening this week so I have moved onto something else.

In fact it has been several something elses. My lack of focus this week is not as bad as last week. I have painted about fifteen faces of minis. Last week I was going through what I have in storage and I found a few thieves and clerics and some stuff that will do as both. These character types are not well represented in the figures collection. Some of the thieves might actually be mages that have hoods so I guess they can do double duty. Over the years I have found myself short of thieves and I have always wanted a big group of them that will double as brigands. as well as the ones on the desks I have some GW LOTR rangers will do the job.

The game I run features three types of clerics. Druids, these that follow the old Norse goods and Christian ones. Druids are quite rare. I am talking about the historical type of druid not D&D druids which are common enough. Christian clerics are not all that common but there are enough friar/monk types, the odd senior member of the clergy and even a few nuns. Some of what I have on the bench will add to this number. I think they are from Midlam Miniatures. There are also a couple of figures that will do as Norse clerics which I think are Frostgrave miniatures. Sadly no more druids though. along the way I am thought about introducing Islamic but I think I am too worried about pissing someone off.

The last group is a kind of catch all. Mostly Frostgrave stuff. A couple of barbarians are here. They don't really fit my picture for the game I run but I like them so they are on the bench. At the back of my mind is the idea of a conan game which these would be perfect for. A couple of wanderer / traveller / mage types are also there, just to make up a round five.
So these are the projects of the next few the next month or so. That is of course assuming I don't get bored and mentally wander off. Judging by today there is an excellent chance that this might happen. I am working on a couple of swarm bases, a large earth elemental made out of foam, the glowing base, a dungeon section, sundry bits of terrain and the dark elves all as side projects.

The trouble is I am enjoying it all. Stuff that should be background projects are coming increasingly into the foreground.

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