Friday, 4 August 2017

Blood Bowl Human Blitzers And Throwers

Just having a lunch break so I thought I would take a moment to show what I have done so far today. Four blitzers and two throwers. Although I haven't quite finished the linemen there is just a few bits of detailing, varnishing and transfers to be done and I might as well do all the figures together.
Early stage WIP
I'll have a few figures left over and as I have said before some might end up in a Nurgle Team. As there are a few Star Players out there that don't seem like they are coming out soon I might have to do something about it. I am thinking Helmut Wulf and Zara the Slayer. These could be conversions of some of the figure I already have. I could certainly see me chopping off the ball hand of one of the spare throwers and replacing it with and with a chainsaw/chainsword. Zara might need a little padding in the right places and some sculpted hair coming out the back of her helmet.

Although they are still at a very early stage they should progress quite quickly. Assuming I don't get distracted by the Skaven team has arrived. For the cost of one box set I have managed to get five sprues of Skaven of eBay. This gives me the players for a full Skaven team and all the players for the Underworld team when I get round to that.

And speaking of conversions. That leaves me with a few extras that I cannot use (a thrower and a blitzer) but I can see conversions to some of the star layers that aren't out yet, such as Hakflem Scuttlespike, Fezglitch (I have a Black Tree Figure that might do for this) and Skitter Stab Stab (who should be easy).

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