Thursday, 3 August 2017

Human Linemen

For a long while I have had a thing about Blood Bowl. It is probably thirty years since I played any other GW wargame (although I have played some of the old board games). With the Orc Team more or less finished, it's time to give them some opposition. The plan is to go through the teams in order or purchase. The birthday list has a few purchases with some Star Players so I will cross my fingers and see what happens. There is no way that I would spend all the money that the death roller would cost on myself and the Skaven have a lot of Star players and extras now.
Human Linemen - They will all be injured soon
The human team is more or less ready, I have a few more Star Players to buy but hopefully they should arrive before I have finished the rest of the players. Whilst I am hoping for a few games out of them, I don't see me playing them competitively. The Orcs, Dwarves, Skaven, Undead and Lizardmen are more my type of thing.

These are the first of twelve linemen I have. My current expectations is to finish them all for this team although I am starting to think in terms of doing a Nurgle or even Norse Team some of them might not get that far that instead.  This would still leave me with nineteen players. A few more Linemen for the Nurgle team might not go amiss if I can get them.

I figured that if I do the boring players first, things would get done quicker. After this it's all four blitzers and a couple of throwers. Then it's the catchers and an Ogre. When the special players arrive I will probably paint them individually and put a bit more effort in.

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