Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Chaos Team Minotaur

I am not a fan of chaos in the main. Except when it comes to my workbench, home life and Blood Bowl teams. It seems a little back asswards to be releasing the Star Players first. As I already have a metal minotaur it probably isn't at the top of my shopping list especially as the next few teams I have in mind don't need one. That said, this one looks pretty good.

There are pictures of tokens for some of the chaos teams as well and a 3D image of an elf player. Things may be progressing. There hasn't been much news on the Blood Bowl Front of late so this at least shows that the work is continuing.


  1. He's very different from the minotaurs they released in the past is for sure.
    He looks more like a mythic beast and ironicaly less like a chaos creature this way.

    1. Everything is just getting bigger. The old one is not that much bigger than some of the new orcs.