Saturday, 5 August 2017

Tunnel & Trolls

My best mate called me up out of the blue the other day and we were talking about all kinds of stuff. Somehow Tunnels & Trolls came up in the conversation and he was telling me about how it was out in print again. Not only that but there were plans for a SF version as well. This would put it at the eighth or ninth edition I think.
This is not a picture of my copy, it's much more beat up
Way back when, sometime around 1983 or 1984 I think, I was reading a wargaming magazine. In it was an advert for a for a shop called Games Of Liverpool, now sadly long since gone. I must have spent hours pouring over this advert (and the one for Esdevium) as it had all sorts of wonderful things in it, but what to buy? I eventually settled on Tunnels & Trolls. Having no real idea what it was about did not disturb me. It disturbed my dad who was working in Liverpool at the time and had to go and buy it for me.

For the next few weeks my head was not out of the books I got, in particular it was the solo adventure Sword For Hire that I read through over and over. The book went everywhere with me. Today I found the copy I had and the cellotape that just holds it together has seen better days, much like the book it is still just holding together. The rulebook fared better despite losing the cover on its binding before the end of 1986. I must have spent days going through the solo adventure books and I didn't have that many of them at the time.

Today I am still playing RPGs. Maybe not as much as I would like but I would still say that this is a major part of my life. Much of my figure painting is geared towards table RPG. Whilst T&T is not my "go to" any more it has certainly had a big effect on the way I play games.


  1. I spent a couple of years playing T&T around 73-75 and it was a great way to get youngsters into RPG. I have so many fond memories of T&T, may well have to go out and buy if for the nostalgia value, cheers for posting :-)

    1. It is such a fun game. Much more tongue in cheek that much of what is around today.