Sunday, 23 July 2017

Slight Changes Afoot

With my laser cutting plans curtailed until a new cutter arrives, I am free to pursue other stuff on my agenda. Whilst I am still playing Conan Exiles quite happily I am really feeling the urge to do something more practical. I seem to remember that there are some gnolls on my workbench but looking at the bench, I am not sure that I actually can get anywhere near them. For a few months now, the bench has just become a dumping ground.

Every time I go to sit at my bench I find that at least three things have been dumped on my chair by other members of the family. By way of deterrent I have started picking them up and dumping it on their seat and for repeat offenders just placing it somewhere where they are going to have difficulty finding it. I didn’t want to actually hide anything, yet, maybe that will come.

With the summer holidays here my joy is now complete (sic). On the bright side I will get a bit of a lie in in the morning. It does leave me with a bit more freedom day to day inasmuch as I can get a good run at things without having to do the school run,  being called into meetings and going on training. So I'll see what the next week brings.

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