Friday, 7 July 2017


My auntie got me some sort of Japanese mecha toy when I had just started High School. Apparently it was all the rage somewhere but it looked a bt poop to me. I remember reading a review of  a new game called Battletech in what was probably 1984 in Imagine Magazine. It seemed like a really nice idea. Of course I was never going to buy it and still haven't. I did make my own game out of cereal packets back then as I did with a lot of games.

Part of me still likes the idea. It's something I have been playing around with for Savage Worlds for ages. Now I am about ready to play test it and use it as a possible RPG campaign. So I have been working on it a bot between all the other stuff that has gone on today. The background is still a bit light so maybe I should start doing some work on that.

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