Wednesday, 26 July 2017

More Thoughts

The great gamer's malaise is on me again. As I am looking around for something to do. I now have so many half baked plans that I am having a problem making a decision about which one to pick. For the last few days I have been tinkering with (that's like working on something without any real emphasis) a Conan RPG for savage Worlds. The more I read about the background and I play the game, the more hard work I see ahead of me.

Over the last few days I have had a lot of Meh moments. My plans to work on stuff for laser cutting are all on hold so I am a bit of a loss. At times like this, when things are not going my way I look at The Plan for the year and then have a look at work is in progress and see if there are any quick wins to be had.

At the beginning of the year I was all about Blood Bowl. Well the rcs team at least. I now have a decent looking Orc team and need a few more line orcs, Varag Ghoul Chewer, the troll and some Goblins and all would be complete.

This caused me to go back and look at the GW shop for the first time in a long time. It has to be said this was a bit of a disappointment. I know there are a few star players on the Forge World site but each single figure costs about as much as a whole team. Then I had a look closer, there is actually only one new team with the other team being a composite of two other teams.

Skaven, as a Blood Bowl Team at least, have a place in my heart. They were the first team I brought and along with the Undead and the ones I have played the most. With some of the special characters that are now out there, they actually start to look the part. The trouble is the team, as sold by Forge World is a few pounds short of £100. Then I would like the pitch as well. Suddenly I start to go ouch when I think in order to be able to fill all the slots in the roster I would need another basic team box.

Going back to the Orc team, I wanted some goblins and they are the one new team. They come with a couple of ogres which would round out my game nicely. The few extras that I would have left over from buying a basic Goblin box as well as extra Skaven would probably do the the Undead Creepers.

This gets up up to around the £250 mark. This is to finish one team and get three more teams with most of the options. For a game I play about once a year. So, if I am going to get any Goblins I will go for the bigger set then I can at least have two fairly complete teams. I don't already own a Goblin team and this seems to  make some sense to me.

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