Saturday, 29 July 2017

Back To Blood Bowl

All the thinking about Blood Bowl I have been doing over the last few days has got me back to the work bench. This came as a bit of a surprise to me but I figured it was time to not be sat in front of the laptop all day.

Mostly it was Blood Bowl that got me going again. My mind still isn't fixed on the game yet but it seems a good place to start. For while now I have been putting off finishing of my orc team. Whilst I have some extra linemen to paint and the troll I don't have Varag, the goblins were due out and I was expecting to get Ripper Bolgrot when they inevitably release the figure. My plans usually involving getting all the figures together before painting begins so they all end up looking something close to similar colours.

Having already disregarded this, I had blocked out some more orc linemen. They had become one of my background projects. Whilst I should probably have gone back to the gnolls, this seemed the right thing to do.

So far I have spent about four (fairly interrupted) hours working on them. As I have a bit more time tonight, I am hoping that I can do a bit more. I've also got a bit more time in the morning so hopefully they should be all but done by the end of the weekend.

The picture is a bit rubbish. They are however very much work in progress so I am reluctant to do too much of a close up.

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