Sunday, 9 July 2017


Just an idea I have been working on today.

Magpies were everywhere before the ruin. The familiar little black and white member of the crow family was very adaptable. It’s level of intelligence was extremely high and was considered one of the most intelligent non-humanoid animals.

It’s ability to feed on just about anything, including young birds and eggs, small mammals, insects, scraps and carrion, acorns, grain, and other vegetable substances allowed in to adapt well to the new environment. Maybe it was their high level of intelligence that allowed them to survive but it is possible that it had other effects as well.

Magpies went mad. They constantly watch for trouble, carry out repetitive pointless tasks, they twitch uncontrollably, have facial ticks, attack other animals for no readily definable reason, are known to bang their heads against solid objects and even their call sounds like it’s crazy.

They represent no real threat to people although they are known to drop small stones on them and dive at people whilst defecating. Apart from this people that see them are fascinated by them. Many have a real sense that madpies. Some religious groups use the madpie as a symbol of man’s sins and that they are actually taken away man’s sins from them.

Madpies have thrived and have got a few inches bigger over time. Usually they are found in small groups of around half a dozen. They are just as common now as they were before the apocalypse and can be found almost anywhere on the surface of the city.

Attributes: Agility d4; Smarts d4 (a); Spirit d4; Strength d4-3; Vigour d4-1

Pace: 8; Parry: 2; Toughness: 2; Feathers: 1, Flesh: 1; Fat: 1; Leather: 0

Special Abilities:
Flight: Madpies have a Flying Pace of 10”, with an Acceleration of 2”.
• Food Animal: Although they can be hunted for food, killing and especially eating madpies is considered unlucky by most and a cardinal sin by a few.

Size –2: Madpies are tiny.

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