Saturday, 1 July 2017

Wasting My Time

Most f my free time has been spent down at the lab lab. I have been trying to sort out the frames for some fencing that I wanted to do. I ran some through on Thursday but  they didn't come out right. I went home and had a look at them and the design seems fine. Having run it through twice, the design hasn't cut properly. Again. Today it has gone through four times the cutting power expected. a few pieces came out right but most did not. A few almost cut through but didn't cut through the adhesive backing. Some I wil be able to break or cut with a stanley knife. I think I have come to the conclusion that the machine just isn't working. The power is way off. 

This of course means that I have wasted about twelve hours of lab time and nearly as much time working in the designs not to mention the time I have spent working on the designs. I really need to get my own cutter. Perhaps I am just a little too scared of doing this after last time.

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