Thursday, 29 June 2017

A Little Ray Of Negativity

On days like today it is easy to consider myself a little ray of negativity. My nega-drive has been tested severely today. Gone was my chance of a lie in and as I went to bed and didn't sleep much last night I really needed it. After getting back home I have been delayed and delayed again and again. Today has been a day of people getting in the way of a damn fine plan either deliberately or by just being an arse. My word of the moment is knobstacle. It's a word created to describe my view of people whose sole mission in life is be to an obstacle on lifes journey.

It gets worse, for me at least. Most of my life has been spent "trying" to do the right thing. I put the word trying in brackets because I usually think that people who tell you that they are going to"try" to do something should really be saying "no chance". I have also had the aim of being helpful and I kind of expect to get a little bit of help in return. Maybe not as much as I put in but at least some help at some point. Today might be a day of confirmation bias as it seems to have shown that most people are significantly less helpful than they would like to appear to be. Effectively making them a knobstacle.

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