Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Osprey games always seem like a good idea and I got this game about a month ago. It was a bit of an impulse buy although it was always odds on that I was going to get a set of the rules. Being the thorough type, I wanted to read it all before I did a review of it. So, after a few intense burst of reading it, it has become my toilet reading.
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As an Osprey hardback book it's a good quality piece of work, with a solid cover and high quality paper with full colour art throughout it. The photographs are well put together. I would have liked a few more pictures and maybe covering a wider range of figures but this is a fairly minor gripe.

Like a lot of game books, the background is nice but I can't help but think that more would have been better. There are three groups that you can chose from and all are fairly typical for a nuclear apocalypse. It does come across as a technological version of Frostgrave with a little less charm. There are a lot of quoite similar games about on the market. I have read and played a few of them. Whilst I would say that these are a nice set of rules they offer nothing to differentiate them from the others. They look slicker and come in a hardback book which is a definite plus. Given that they are osprey, there is bound to be a bit more about them online.

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