Friday, 9 June 2017

Late Night

I think I might have missed my deadline for posting. It's been a busy day and my battery is about to die. I have worked on my post apocalypse London setting a fair bit today. Mostly it has been filling in missing chunks on charts and tables. There is something strangely pleasing in finishing stuff off for me. In the past I was told I was gifted at filing. This is oddly not a career advantage apparently.

The results of the election are in. Although I think I would have liked a Labour victory, I am not sure that it was a great time to get elected. The post of Prime Minister seems like a bit of a poisoned chalice at the moment with Brexit and the recent terrorist acts around the country. It did seem like a good result in other ways. The Scottish Nationalists seem like a lot less of a threat to national stability and that they might actually become part of the solution. UKIP now seem as irrelevant as they always should have been. Just to balance things out, hard line religious politics is set to rear it's head in the form of a voting arrangement between the Conservatives and the DUP. This worked out so very well in the nineties that I really can wait for it to happen again. This is also going to cause problems in Northern Ireland just when things over there seemed relatively trouble free.

What concerns me more is the immediate future. Coalitions seem to breed failure and more extreme politics. Turbulent times are ahead and I am not sure how long this situation will remain.

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