Friday, 16 June 2017


With a couple of friends over at the house the evening has pretty much been all boardgames. I play Tokaido again. This time I won and by a fairly comfortable margin. I managed to start of a lap of honour on the victory point track. Which is always fun. Then we played Roll For The Galaxy. This is a game that I usually do quite well at, I lost it but only because I thought I had won. Somehow I had missed a special ability card and from the look of the card I am pretty sure that I was never going to win with what I had. Then we moved on to Exploding Kittens. this is a nice quick little game. As we had forgotten one of the rules it started to take on an almost epic nature. What I thought was going to be over in ten minutes took over an hour and became the longest game of the evening.

time for bed again and then up for Phalanx and bacon sandwiches in the morning.

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