Sunday, 25 June 2017

I Don't Have A Word For It

When I went to bed I had fairly good expectations for the day. Sadly I woke up with a mood change. A bad nights sleep perhaps? I'm not so sure. Every now and again I hit a wall. It's not always because I have hit the wall. As I say, I don't really have a word for it. There is an element of boredom, being a little bit grumpy and an absolute lack of purpose.

I have been at stage one for about a week. This is down to my inability to get things done. All week things have been getting in my way. The laser cutter going back was a bit of a watershed. Trouble is, now I don't know what to do.

Now I am a stage two. I am doing stuff but I am flitting from project to project. Today I have played three different computer games for a bit. I have flitted between three tabletop RPG projects. Then I put some of yesterday's laser cutting stuff together, then got round to spraying about four hours later. Finally, I have done a bit on the laser cutting from. After that the real world got in the way and I ended the day by rounding  it off with a bit of admin.

Stage three is the real crippler. I will pick up on activity for a bit. No more than minutes. Then I will move on to something else. During this stage, if I can concentrate on something for more than fifteen minutes, I consider it a victory. Mostly however, I am just in a big grump. The ideal time for watching films with subtitles.

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