Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Escher Lizards

Today has seen me do a lot of yawning. Mostly on the couch in front of YouTube. Spike has been round in the evening, testing my plans to destruction, well almost. Somehow most of my recent negativity seemed to have blown away. Perhaps this is down to me realising that I actually want to make a go of it. My resolve has come back a bit. So then I have gone back to doing some stuff with CorelDraw.
I have always had a liking for Escher prints. I think this largely down the the amount of time I spent staring at them in an ex-girlfriend's house. The tessellating images were particularly inspiring and the lizards especially so. Now that I am using the laser cutter I need some way to test how the designs I am doing work out when the hit the cutter. So far, the couple that I have done have come out okay.

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