Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Dead Beat Ebay Idiots

I am trying to get my money back from the clowns that sold me a metal box full of junk electronics. They are playing the usual games of those who don't want to give the money back. The first clue was when they told me that they want me to e-mail a non eBay address. So I am e-mailing both through eBay and the requested e-mail address. They have asked for a video of the machine in operation so they can tell me what is wrong. As it just sits there, this seems pointless and just another delaying tactic. On top of everything else, it seemed to take forever to get the video in format and size for it to work and fit in the e-mail.

This idea is a central part to my immediate future and not being able to act on that seems to driving me up the wall. Over the last few days I have watched dozens of videos about the machines. Although a few show some niggles, all of them seem to work. The fact that mine does not is even more galling. Up to now, I have put in about twelve hours of trying to get the thing to work and trying to get my money refunded. What a waste.

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