Friday, 28 July 2017

Birthday List

It's been an odd day. I have been sat around musing about what to do in terms of buying some figures. What was going through my head on Wednesday was on my mind a lot. I was drawn to Games Workshop and found that they had the latest Blood Bowl Pitch in stock. Having a thing for Blood Bowl I had to have it. This has set me down the what do I want to buy next route.

When I look at what's out there now, there isn't that much more than there was a few months ago. Goblins are the only new team for a while and Goblins are not the greatest team in the league. That said, a few would go with the Orc Team and a few more with some extra Skaven would make another team.

Then I looked at Forge World and there are three teams available that have all the toys in the box. Trouble is they are all around the £100. Being realistic I am not going to buy something that costs that much money that is going to sit on a shelf. I feel much the same way about Malifaux. The only difference being I never know what faction to buy, I have been burned buying the stuff before (players letting me down and the damn company releasing a new edition just after buying three box sets) and they are also going to sit on a shelf because I have no opponent.

So  got to thinking. My birthday is only four months away and if they were a gift that wouldn't be a problem.

I guess this has a lot to do with the way mini gamers acquire a lead mountain. For years now I have been trying to reduce my Lead Mountain (and the plastic and resin ones too). I am not sure I am actively decreasing it at the moment but in the round for the year so far I have painted a lot more than I have bought. So maybe I better hold off till my birthday. At least.

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