Sunday, 30 July 2017

Human Team Ogre

Now that I am considering doing the Human Blood Bowl Team next I thought it was time I should put this together. What I am really doing is avoiding finishing the Orc Troll. I hate doing bigger figures and they never really seem to get finished.

Anyway back to the Ogre. He is a nice brutish figure. Even though he is a large figure I am not sure that it makes sense that he costs about half as much as the human team which is six 28mm figures. He is a nice figure and has a lot of animation. As he is plastic he can carry off the animation without being too fragile.

For the most part the kit went together okay. To be honest I think GW could use a few ideas about how to write a manual to help put something together from Ikea. Over time I have found that if you get the order of construction wrong, often with the arms, everything is going to go wrong.

The end model is nice. The plan is to paint up the body before adding the head. He should make a nice addition to the human team which is now looking like it's going to end up with about 25 players. I have seen someone do a Nurgle team and I now think I might save some of the linemen as part of a Nurgle project although I have a number of ideas about that.

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