Thursday, 13 July 2017

Brush Holder + It's All Been A Bit Of A Blur

I remember waking up this morning and I don't remember it being a good thing. Somehow I managed to take a wrong turn on the school run. This has kind of set the tone for the day.

Somewhere between getting up at seven this morning and eating my dinner at nine the day happened.

I have learned a few lessons from the day, mainly aout wood work but also that martial arts tutors work people really hard. The plan I had for a paintbrush holder didn't quite come of, partly down to my inexperience with tools and partly down to the tools. The paintbrush holder is my resposne to still not being able to get clsoe to the laser cutter.

Still a busy day tomorrow where nothing is going to be achieved but steps will be made towards things happening/

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