Thursday, 10 May 2012

Some more work in progress - Khurasan Seal Team

Back to doing some actual painting after going a little off topic yesterday. Nice figures but I am really struggling with a paint job. I have had to go to a number of source material pictures to get them even close. US Marine camo is a pain at this scale.

Seal Team half done
These are nice futuristic looking figures. They will do for RPG modern and SF. I can even see them as being useful for a zombie game.

I decided not to put the back packs on. I didn't think they added much to the figures and thought they would have a better place in the bit box. They are a little shiny at the moment but that is just the washes I used on them. A little bit of highlighting and some matt varnish and that will go away.

I have been working on some paper terrain whilst I have been witing for these to dry which should be on here soon.

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