Thursday, 10 May 2012

Some updated pictures

A friend of mine has a new camera and wanted to show off his new toy. I think it was about 2 K so it must be good. It knocks my simple pictures for six. These were not even done with an ideal lens and at about two feet. It also has a much better depth of field. Cheers mate.

Space demons attack
These are the biohazard troopers from Rebel Minis facing down the Space Demons from Khurasan. The pictures were taken on a 36mp camera and look really good. The blur is a facet of the lens he was using and is supposed to given the impression of movement.
Space demons
 A close up of the space demons.
SAS/biohazard troopers
And finally a close up of the biohazard troopers/SAS.

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